About Hotel Operations

We often say what an incredible professional opportunity it is to work onboard Celebrity Cruises ships. If, like many other companies, we are also part of the hospitality industry, why is it such a "unique" experience to work onboard our ships?

Imagine a resort of over 1,000 rooms, with staff from over 60 nationalities, and often over 2,000 international guests. Now imagine all those guests checking out, while over 2,000 others are checking in on the same day. Meanwhile, literally tons of food and luggage are being loaded and unloaded, as the ship prepares to travel to exciting destinations.

In the majestic foyer of this beautiful vessel, soft and welcoming music plays as guests are greeted with warm smiles and an invitation to 'discover, savor, and renew'. Simultaneously, the operation roars in the background, as the final touches are placed in elegant staterooms and in the restaurants and public areas, for yet another fresh start. Behind the scenes, the chefs and their teams orchestrate a symphony of culinary instruments as they prepare award-winning cuisine. It's not buffet food – it's gourmet food; these restaurants rival the trendiest and most well-known of the world. And around the ship, every detail is considered and finalized, as the teams ready themselves to 'Welcome the World onboard'.

This is not just another 'floating resort'... it's one of our Celebrity ships!

The hotel operations department is responsible for making all this happen while enlivening Celebrity's STAR values by exceeding our guests' expectations.

As the list to the right indicates, the team encompasses a large number of diverse areas. And though each department has different expertise and functions, they all collaborate with one great focus in mind: our guests. Our ships, as well as all of our onboard programs, have been designed to maximize the best of each area, so that at every opportunity, our guests can be surprised and delighted. Our Hotel Operations team prides itself in the success it achieves through teamwork, and through each team member's attention to detail. It’s the STAR philosophy... And we are "Starring Crew"!